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Picture Code Part details Stock Options
VD4525 Thermometre cadran inox ø25mm tmini -10°c tmax 100°c
VD872 Cr2032 lithium button battery for scales vd814
Compatible : EXPOBAR- VARTA
VD806 Pocket electronic thermometer -50/+150â°
Compatible : RENEKA
VD808 Digital thermometer -50/+300â°
VD812 Thermometer with removable probe 3.8x110mm long cable 1.3m
VD884 Set of 4 aaa batteries lr03 1.5v
Compatible : VARTA
VD819 Digital thermometer hanna -50/+150 66x50x25mm probe:105mm 0.1â°c
VD880 Varta battery 9v 6lr61
Compatible : VARTA
VD953 Analogue thermometer with clips tmin -20â°c tmax 100â°c
Compatible : ASCASO
VD490 Pocket thermometer rotation 180â° resolution 0.1â° tmin -50
VD828 Thermometer -20â°/100â°cable 1m weighted probe dim 106x58x19mm
VD1286 Thermometer digital -50+300° large display probe l100mm
VD817 Laser guided infrared thermometer resolution 0.1â° tmin
VD850 Pile
VD1628 Thermometer sealed -50°+300°c + alarme 118x60x25mm
VD2965 Box of 496 anti-fermentation tablets for liquids spe
VD4135 Analogue thermometer special coffee cup tasse a cafe l:65mm tmin 50â°
VD950 Thermometer coffee milk cappuccino with clips ø45mm tmini 50
VD952 Thermometer infra red with visee laser tmini -50°c tmaxi 530
VD4134 Clips attachement thermometer stainless
VD807 Thermometer universal pocket analogic tmini -20°c tmaxi 10
VD844 Lot of 10 piles lr54
VD851 Lot of 10 piles lr41