Terms of Sales

Important preamble: The information contained in our catalog intended for professionals is given as advice on good professional practice and may in no case lead to legal liability for errors, omissions or difficulties in their implementation cation.
We reserve the right to change or modify without notice the general conditions, the products listed in the catalog and the price list. Our parts are mostly original. Trademark
The supplier reserves the right to refuse or confirm orders due to example of out of stock, definitive or not, or the insolvency of the buyer or any other reason that he will retain, without having to justify it and without being able to be worried about this chef.
MINIMUM ORDER: 35.00 € excl. Tax
To avoid any errors, our customers are asked to clearly note our references on its orders.
Those indicated in our current prices. They are tax free, leaving our warehouses. The supplier reserves the right to modify the prices without notice.
Transport is at the risk and peril of the buyer who takes care of the necessary formalities in case of loss or damage.
Free shipping costs ** for mainland France (EXCLUDING DOM.TOM), from purchase from € 190.00 excluding VAT. In any event and whatever the agreements made, there can be no have FRANCO shipping for less than € 100
** except express deliveries - except on finished products including softeners, which are always sold at the starting price, and except when the prices are already discounted for whatever reason whether (promo, price per quantity, exceptional discounts or others).
There are no shipping costs on the backorder from us. When near a checks a missing item (which must be reported upon receipt of the package) is noted, it will be shipped at no cost to the customer who will not be able to claim any additional compensation for this title.
For spare parts: As a general rule: cash on delivery unless agreed different prerequisite.
A payment agreement of the following type can be expressly accepted and this possibly at no cost to the supplier. The latter always reserves the possibility, to any time to change the payment agreement.
Thus, at the agreed deadline, payment can be made:
1 °) By draft not accepted with permanent payment agreement.
2 °) By magnetic CSF or sampling
3 °) By check
4 °) By credit card
5 °) In cash at the counter or by money order
6 °) By returned draft accepted within 48 hours of delivery or monthly statement Settlement agreements made for parts never concern devices or electronic board repairs.
Devices are subject to a payment agreement when ordered. The repairs of electronic cards are always payable in cash on delivery upon receipt of the repaired card.
(Article L. 441-6 of the French Commercial Code) Any settlement subsequent to the settlement date indicated on the invoice (or failing that on the 31st day following the date of receipt of the merchandise), will give rise, without the need for formal notice, to a penalty of delay equal to the legal minimum of 3 times the legal interest rate.
(Law of 03/22/2012) Any delay in payment gives rise to a fixed penalty of recovery of 10 € If the recovery costs incurred are greater than the amount of lump sum compensation, the seller may request additional compensation, on justification.
the seller retains ownership of the goods sold until full payment of the price by the buyer who will only be able to sell them within the framework of the NORMAL operation of his establishment.
He can never pledge them or transfer ownership as security. In case receivership or liquidation of the buyer's property, the property of goods delivered and unpaid may be claimed by the seller.
The costs generated are the responsibility of the defaulting buyer. It is here contractually decided that the costs of recovery, removal and procedure will justify a minimum fixed amount from 1500 € and more on justification.
The Buyer agrees by these general conditions to give his acceptance to legal representative concerned, for the recovery by the seller of spare parts from the supplier, present in its warehouses, for a value corresponding to the unpaid if they are non-designed parts rnées by unpaid invoices.
The transfer to the buyer of the risks of loss and deterioration and damage caused to or by the goods, remains effective upon delivery.
Invoicing, packaging and preparation costs extra.
: As an indication, for an order received before 10 a.m.: From 24 to 48 hours according to region. The extension of delivery times may in no case result in the cancellation of the order or the supplier's responsibility. Unless otherwise specified on the order, partial delivery can be made.
We will not be able to accept returns
- if it concerns a part sold for more than 3 months.
- if it is a question of massive returns (readjustment of stocks).
- if the item concerned has been removed from our catalogs.
No product returns will be accepted
- if it is freight collect.
- if it is not accompanied by our prior written consent.
- if it is not accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice.
No refund but a credit
- valid for 6 months on invoice (s).
- at the acquisition value of the part minus 25% to take into account the costs generated by the management of this return.
In the event of a return motivated by an error in the dispatch of Composants Diffusion , the exchange will be done by sending the correct part free of charge. This shipment will be invoiced but will the object of a full credit note, after receiving the wrong part.
contained in our catalog intended for professionals, are given as advice of good professional practice and can in no way lead to liability for errors, omissions. Likewise, for the advice given by our technicians, the customer remaining solely responsible for the choice of his part.
A credit note cannot be issued if the returned part is unsaleable because it has been used, damaged, incomplete, or returned without its packaging for example.
Nature: Manufacturer's legal warranty relating to manufacturing defects.
-Any damage and parts damaged as a result of improper use.
-electrical parts, electrical damage.
- contrary opinion of the manufacturer ,.
Deadline: That imposed by the manufacturer without being able to exceed 6 months.
Starting point: The period starts from the invoicing of the goods.
Conditions: Any defect or manufacturing defect must be reported within 8 days of its discovery to be able to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty.
. Guarantee Agreement
- prior to the return of the defective part
- or after return of the part for examination and agreement, if applicable, of the manufacturer
. Return accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice and the return or warranty agreement
. Exchange or repair. There will be a charge for sending the part in exchange.
. No refund but a credit:
- valid on invoice (s)
-valid 6 months
-issued after return of defective merchandise
-at the price of the piece.
. Return and re-shipment postage and labor to be borne by the customer. Forfeiture: Our guarantee is suspended as long as the customer is in default of payment. Supplier's liability: the guarantee granted is exclusive of all rights to damages
for any reason whatsoever, including the consequences of a defect, such accident, immobilization of equipment, delay, etc ...
: Force majeure such as natural disaster, fire, explosion, strike, riot, etc., fully exonerates the supplier from any liability for failure to perform its bonds.
In the event of a dispute, only the courts within the jurisdiction of the supplier's head office are competent.