Needle thermometers

Picture Code Part details Stock Price Options
VD953 Analogue thermometer with clips tmin -20â°c tmax 100â°c
VD4135 Analogue thermometer special coffee cup tasse a cafe l:65mm tmin 50â°
VD950 Thermometer coffee milk cappuccino with clips ø45mm tmini 50
VD296 Thermometer for coffee/milk/cappuccino with clip ã˜45mm tmin 50â°c
VD295 Thermometer oven in stainless ø50mm tmini 0°c tmaxi 300°c
VD4134 Clips attachement thermometer stainless
VD495 Thermometer cooking ø50mm tmini 54°c tmaxi 88°c bulbe:145mm
VD807 Thermometer universal pocket analogic tmini -20°c tmaxi 10