Needle thermometers with capillary and bulb

Picture Code Part details Stock Options
GVD17581 Elframo thermometer for deep-fryer ã˜52mm tmin 0â°c tmax 250â°
GVD8324 Capillary thermometer for oven ã˜52mm tmin 50â°c tmax 350â°c
FRAD1020 X origine corniche chrome thermometer series x
GVD8295 Capillary thermometer ã˜60mm tmin 0â°c tmax 500â°c 700mm bulb
GVD67637 Thermometer ã˜60mm tmin 0â°c tmax 600â°c
GVD8303 Thermometer comenda ø52mm tmini 0°c tmaxi 120°c fiber
GVD8318 Thermometer -40â°/+40â° 58x24mm
GVD8329 Capillary thermometer 56x25mm tmin 0â°c tmax 120â°c 3000mm
GVD8301 Elettrobar thermometer 0â°/+120â° 58x25mm cap.1500mm bulb 28m
GVD8321 Thermometer universal -40°/+40°c ø60mm cap.1500mm bulb 30mm
GVD8317 Thermometer mareno -40°/+40° 58x24mm cap.2500mm bulb 30mm
GVD8322 Thermometer 50ø/+350ø 58x25mm
GVD8326 Thermometer 50ø/+350øc 60mm
GVD8327 Thermometer cold pos/neg 60mm
GVD8350 Thermometer ø52mm tmini -40°c tmaxi 40°c