Digital thermometers

Picture Code Part details Stock Price Options
VD806 Pocket electronic thermometer -50/+150â°
VD808 Digital thermometer -50/+300â°
VD819 Digital thermometer hanna -50/+150 66x50x25mm probe:105mm 0.1â°c
VD2887 Testo 104 tmin-50â°c tmax 250â°c folding waterproof thermometer
VD491 Thermometer sealed resolution 0.1° tmini -50°c tmaxi 200°c
VD2886 Thermometer for core measurement tmin -50â°c tmax 270â°c
VD2889 Thermometer sealed ip67 stainless tmini -20°c tmaxi 230°
VD3140 Thermometer sticker for pitcher with milk
VD4255 Thermometer of contact with thermoelement type k with lamell
VD4256 Thermometer of contact testo tmini -50°c tmaxi 300°c
VD793 Thermometer cooking 0/300°c probe inox°4/l:150 wire 1m