Thermostat with automatic reset

Picture Code Part details Stock Options
25020516 Bianchi klixon 110â°ty60r 250v 16a automatic original
BIAN2736 Automatic recharge clixon110â°
GVD5597 Elettrobar tk24 1 pole thermostat tmax 60â°c original
VD110167 Bimetal thermostat ac 16a tmaxi 140â°c single-phase single-pole
GVD5608 Elettrobar tk24 1 pole thermostat tmax 80â°c original
SED2135 Saeco thermostat tmax 150â°c 1 pole original
RMD21 Rancilio 100â°c thermostat original
RMD22 Thermostat 140°c genuine rancilio
VD110160 Bimetal thermostat ty60 100â°
GVD5479 Meiko 1 pole thermostat 250v 10a tmax 50â°c original
VD110159 Standart bimetal thermostat ty60 95â° original
VD110171 Thermostat 165°c universal genuine
HED1014 Klixon hendi 88â° original
VD110165 Universal bimetal thermostat ty60 130 degrees original
HED1017 Thermostat sã‰curit㉠alu
SD1486 Thermostat 125°c genuine simonelli
VD110169 Thermostat 155° c universal genuine
VD110170 Thermostat 160°c universal genuine
VFD7 Thermostat tmaxi 175°c 1 terminal genuine
VFD8 Thermostat standart tmaxi 180°c 1 terminal genuine
VD110166 Thermostat contact 1 terminal 135° universal
VD110168 Thermostat universal 16a tmaxi 165°c 1 terminal genuine
DE0450 Thermostat of safety klixon morice tmaxi 85°c 1 terminal
HED1173 Auto thermostat for cb-288(29)
HED1174 Manual reset 145 degr
MMD8 Thermostat 92ø coffee `klixon`
SED1002 Thermostat 150ï½° 1nt-01l-0351
VFD10 Thermostat 60/100° for microwave universal genuine
VFD2 Thermostat 92°c universal genuine
VFD3 Thermostat klixon 105° universal genuine
VFD6 Universal magnetron fixed thermostat c/150â° original