Thermostat with manual reset

Picture Code Part details Stock Price Options
25020616 Klixon ty60r 135㘠manual
FRK10296250 Franke bimetal thermostat tmax 140â°c original
GVD5552 Silanos 1-pole thermostat tmax 110â°c original
GVD5607 Elettrobar tk32 1 pole thermostat tmax 95â°c original
GVD5548 Elettrobar 1 pole thermostat tmax 110â°c with safety system and
SD1015 Safety thermostat with contact tmax 135â°c
SED165 Saeco thermostat with reset 16a tmax 175â°c 1 pole original
25014936 Clixon75â°c
GVD11816 Thermostat series a 250v 16a tmax 106â°c 1 pole
VD110177 Thermostat campini standart 250v 16a tmaxi 150°c genuine
BED434 Thermostat 250v ac 16a tmaxi 100°c 1 terminal genuine
GVD5549 Thermostat lotus bath marie with reset manual 250v 16a tma
GVD5810 Thermostat tmax 120â°c safety yes
VD110174 Thermostat contact of safety 1 terminal universal 16a tmaxi
VD110175 Thermostat universal of safety with contact 250v 16a tmaxi 1
VD110180 Thermostat 170°c 16a universal genuine