Thermostat with M4 screw and with automatic reset

Picture Code Part details Stock Options
VD110153 Thermostat mount m4x1 universal tmax 95â°c original
ZDA820 Thermostat 82 degrees
GID240 Gaggia-it/standart m4x1 thermostat tmax 145â°c single-pole with
GID241 Gaggia/universal brass thermostat for coffee 100â°c original
FD762 Faema/universal thermostat 250v. . 250v ac 16a tmax 107â°c
VD110152 Thermostat mount m4x1 tmax 98â°c 1 pole original
FD761 Faema/universal steam thermostat 250v ac 16a tmax 135â°c
VD110158 Universal single pole contact thermostat 165â° m4 original
GVD4754 Thermostat mount m4 tmax 110â°c 1 pole original
BD721 Brasilia/universal thermostat mount m4x1 tmax 125â°c 1 po
BED433 Aut.termic safety dev.250v 140â°c
VD110155 Thermostat 130°c -m4 universal genuine
VD110156 Thermostat 150°c-m4 universal genuine
VFD44 Thermostat 140°c standart genuine