Picture Code Part details Stock Price Options
GVD10605 310ml translucent silicone acetate cartridge
CGD19 Translucent silicone tubing 280c
GVD10599 310ml cartridge of brown silicone high temperature 300â°c
FOD1842 Silicon loctite 5300 310ml -60/+300° red
GVD29001 Sealing cement of silicon black s94 difficilement inflammable
VD6250 High temperature silicone 300â° in 310ml cartridge
GVD31002 Silicone acrylic cartridge
GVD10620 Silicon loctite 5366 310ml -65+250° transparent
CGD23 Black silicone + applicator 310cc -600/+200c
GVD10606 310ml white silicone acetate cartridge
GVD10607 Silicon acetate cartridge alu 310ml