Return form

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We will not be able to accept returns:
  • if it concerns a part sold for more than 3 months.
  • in the case of massive returns (readjustment of our stocks).
  • if it is an electrical fault.
  • if the relevant item has been removed from our catalogs.
  • in accord of the acceptance or rejection of the manufacturer.
No product returns will be accepted:
  • if it is in port of.
  • if it is not accompanied by our prior written consent.
  • if it is not accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice.
No refund but a credit note:
  • valid for 6 months on invoice (s).
  • has the acquisition value of the part less 25% to take into account the costs generated by the management of this return.
In the event of a return motivated by an error in the dispatch of Composants Diffusion, the exchange will be made by sending the correct part free of charge. This shipment will be invoiced but will be subject to a full credit note, after receipt of the wrong part.

The information contained in our catalog intended for professionals, is given as advice of good professional practice and can in no way lead to liability for errors or omissions. Likewise, for the advice given by our technicians, the customer remains solely responsible for the choice of his part.
It cannot be issued to have if the returned part is unsaleable because it has been used, damaged, incomplete, or returned without its packaging for example.


Nature : Manufacturer's legal warranty relating to manufacturing defects.
Exclusions :
  • all damage and parts damaged as a result of improper use.
  • electrical parts, electrical damage.
  • Manufacturer's advice to the contrary.
Deadline : That imposed by the manufacturer without being able to exceed 6 months.
Point of departure : The period starts from the invoicing of the goods.
Conditions : Any manufacturing defect or defect must be reported within 8 days of its discovery in order to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty.
Terms :
  • Waranty agreement
    • prior to the return of the defective part.
    • or after return of the part for examination and approval, if applicable, from the manufacturer.
  • Return accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice and the return or warranty agreement.
  • Exchange or repair. The sending of the part in exchange will be invoiced.
  • No refund but a credit:
    • valid on invoice (s).
    • valid for 6 months.
    • issued after return of defective merchandise.
    • at the price of the spare parts.
  • Shipping costs
    • return and re-shipment and labor at the expense of the customer.
Forfeiture : Our guarantee is suspended as long as the customer is in default of payment.
Supplier's liability : the guarantee granted is exclusive of all rights to damages for any reason whatsoever, including the consequences of a defect, such as accident, immobilization of equipment, delay, etc. ...