Picture Code Part details Stock Price Options
VD519 Water hardness test kit (th) original
VD556 Boite de 100 languettes semi-quantitative durete carbonatee
VD514 Box of 100 strips dh 6x95mm
VD493 Tester d`huile of frying with usage unique bag of 2 tests
VD515 50 water hardness test tabs (th) original
VD873 Litmus paper roll range 1-14 5 metres filtration original
VD492 Tester d`huile of frying with usage unique with mode d`emplo
VD1579 Test peroxyde with bandelettes x100 coins
VD2885 Tester d`huile testo 270 +40 with +200° livre with case
VD606 Thermometer with removable probe 3.8x110mm long cable 1.3m
VD811 Kit calibration phmetre 20ml (5sachets ph4+5sachets ph7)
VD809 Ph-metre electrode tester precision +0.2ph food-grade use or