Picture Code Part details Stock Price Options
VD330 Straight quick coupling 1/4 ã˜6/8
VDA1427 Straight connector 1/8m tube 6/4mm
VD328 Fitting straight 3/8"m cone / connection tube with screwed 6/4mm
VD329 Strait quick coupling 1/8 ã˜6/8 original
VD331 Fitting straight 3/8" m cone / connection tube with screwed 8/6mm
VDA1426 Fitting straight 1/8 m with connection tube with screwed 5/3mm
VDA1428 Fitting straight male 1/4 with connection tube
VDA1429 Fitting straight male 3/8 with connection tube
VDA1430 Fitting straight male 1/2 with connection tube
VDA459 Straight quick-coupler 8/6-1/2m